Website Design – Digital Strategy Point 06

What is website design?

I think everybody knows this by now! But it’s everybody’s favourite part of the process.

This is where the vision we have created starts to become a tangible, visual reality through world-class design.

Why is professional web design important?

For all the good work we do based around strategy, good website design is the part that really gets a reaction from your customers.

Professional web design creates credibility for your business, inspires confidence in your customers, sells your products and services in the best manner and provides a visual insight into your business.

web design

What does website design include?

  • Initial mood board design
  • Initial design concepts
  • Home Page design concepts

What are the outcomes?

  • Final Home Page designs
  • Final Inner Page designs
    • Content pages
    • Product pages
    • Services pages
    • Contact pages
  • All content elements designed
  • Sales and conversion techniques design
  • Review of content and suggestions to ‘design’ specific areas of content

Where does it fit into your web strategy?

Remember – great website design is not just about looking good.

  • Templates look good…
  • Complicated websites look good…

…but great website design, as part of your overall web strategy, must:

  • Make your business look great
  • Give the right perception – for example, it may need to may you look BIG!
  • Ensure you look credible
  • Display your content in the best possible way
  • Attract the right customers
  • Not scare away the best customers
  • Or… scare away the wrong customers!