Web Development

Why is web development important?

It’s not just about the creative or the content strategy. Your website has to be ‘built’ the right way.

Here’s a metaphorical comparison:

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The moral of this story is shonky web development is not good!
A great website needs great development.

Top 5 reasons to ensure your web development is up-to-scratch

  1. Speed!: Google and customers love fast websites. A well-developed website will be fast!
  2. Responsive: A well-developed website will work – and look great – on all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile)
  3. Content–code ratio: You need a good balance of content-to-code on your website
  4. Accessibility: Your website should be accessible to as many users as possible
  5. User experience: Great web development results in a great user-experience.

How can iformat help you with web development?

  • We understand the goals and technical requirements of the project
  • We then use the best and most up-to-date development techniques and languages
  • We implement on the right platform or content management system for you
  • We go through an exhaustive checklist to ensure the development is done correctly

Do not choose any platform without knowing what you are getting into! Speak to a digital agency expert and discuss what you need, and then choose the right platform for your business.