Structure – Digital Strategy Point 05

What is website structure?

It’s taking all the information we have learned and all the content we have created and then designing a structure (or ‘layout’) for your website. It’s a bit like architectural planning.

Why is it important?

There are many components to consider when creating a great website. We must consider all the necessary elements and how they work together and we need to plan and map that structure out – in detail.

What’s included?

  • Internal workshop
  • Planning
  • Wire-framing

What are the outcomes?

  • Detailed page layouts
  • Unique wire-frame
  • User interface design
  • ‘Best Practice’ checklist
  • Unique navigation elements
  • Unique functionality

Remember – iformat designs content.

Choosing a website template and fitting content into it is a popular approach. But a real strategy – a custom strategy – takes elements that are tailored to your needs and then creates the right website structure for you – one that enables the best platform for your business to achieve its goals.