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Online Marketing Strategy

What is online marketing? In its simplest terms, online marketing is the use of the Internet to advertise and sell products or services. Why is it important? Three billion searches are conducted on Google every day. If you’re not advertising online, you’re giving an edge to your competitors! Why TopSeos ? Measurable, targeted exposure from TopSeos  […]

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Content Marketing and Strategy

What is content marketing? We believe that content marketing is the creation of content across various platforms and media that help your customers at every stage of the purchase process – rather than just at the point of purchase. Why is it important? Well, firstly Google wants it! They want you to provide good and […]

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Automated Marketing

What is automated marketing? Think specificity: automated marketing is a specific subset of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that segments marketing campaigns to target high quality users with an existing interest. Basically, you’re giving the right information to the right people. Why is it important? Because sometimes, blasting one single message to your entire email database […]

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Website Development – Strategy Point 07

What is web development? It’s basically the technical stuff that is done to get your website working. It’s the part only our nerdy guys love and any description longer than this would be… well… boring! Why is it important? Well this can’t be overstated. It’s huge: good development can make or break the success of […]

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Website Design – Digital Strategy Point 06

What is website design? I think everybody knows this by now! But it’s everybody’s favourite part of the process. This is where the vision we have created starts to become a tangible, visual reality through world-class design. Why is professional web design important? For all the good work we do based around strategy, good website […]

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